Post-migration site issues

August 17, 2008 by Philip Barron  Email This Post Print This Post

This weekend, I discovered a couple of malfunctions in the website that resulted at least indirectly from this site’s move from Blogger to WordPress. The first involved incomplete posts - about ten percent of the entries on the site were oddly truncated, cut off after the first few lines. I can only think that this was an unintended result of the recent upgrade to the latest version of WordPress and its upgrade of the site’s database. Fortunately, I had archived versions of the shortened posts and was able to restore them.

The second miscue involved non-working links to files created by me - mini-pages that list contact information for the members of the House and Senate Armed Services Committees (as on this page). Those mini-pages appeared as pop-ups when the links were clicked, but that was when the site was hosted on Blogger, where the JavaScript resided that made it possible. I have a solution in hand for this issue, however, and will apply it as soon as time allows. Note: the links have all been corrected.


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