LaVena PDF handout updated

August 26, 2008 by Philip Barron  Email This Post Print This Post

The one-page color handout on LaVena Johnson so kindly created by Kriss Avery of the Gateway Green Alliance in St. Louis has been updated to reflect the current petition to Rep. Henry Waxman and the House Oversight Committee which he chairs. The link has been updated in previously published entries mentioning the handout. The document is available for anyone who wants to help spread the word about LaVena and the effort to prompt a new investigation of her death in Iraq. Thank you!


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2 Responses to “LaVena PDF handout updated”

  1. Wylecia V. Trawick on August 27th, 2008 2:42 pm

    My heart goes out to the Johnson family.
    May your daughter rest in peace.

    I also know that the truth will come out sooner , rather than later.

    Keep the faith and may God Bless you all.

  2. Melanie on September 14th, 2008 1:02 pm

    I read the article about PFC Lavena Johnson and I will keep the Johnson family in my prayers. My sons father is a Johnson and it really touched me to read about things like this the government should have figured out this when it happened. There will be change soon an OBAMA change.