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August 9, 2008 by Philip Barron  Email This Post Print This Post

Regular readers of the official LaVena Johnson site will note marked changes in every on-screen aspect of the website, beginning with the name: Pfc. LaVena Johnson. Events have outstripped the original title, which was tied to the petition addressed to the two Armed Services Committees. With that petition closed and two others underway, the website’s title now properly reflects its true subject - a person - rather than a tactic.

The LaVena site has moved away from the Blogger platform and is now powered by the WordPress publishing system. The design is version 3.0 of the Revolution theme created by Brian Gardner.

The front page of the website displays featured items of note, links to the six most recent news posts, and links to a site map and all categories and major departments. Clicking on “News” in the dark menu bar displays news posts in a standard blog format, complete with commenting functionality. All comments and commenter information from the previous edition of the site has been imported into the new edition. Readers can bookmark the News page rather than the main page of the site if it suits them. The new feed address for the site - - sends all recent news posts to subscribers.

The “Site Map” page, also accessed via the dark menu bar, provides a helpful portal to all pages, categories, monthly archives, and individual news posts. The “Contact” page displays a contact form which delivers messages to the webmaster (and not directly to the Johnson family). The form contains a verification measure to guard against automated spamming.

Minor archival note: The first edition of the LaVena Johnson website was launched on March 6, 2007; the Blogger template style used was the iconic Minima (Ochre) by Douglas Bowman. The second edition, published on May 27, 2007, employed the Downright Blogger Theme v. 3.0 by Thur Broeders.


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